“Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing offers a unique approach to wellness and self-empowerment through a combination of centuries-old disciplines and innovative ingenuity that synergistically promote the health and well-being of each individual seeking wholeness.”

Welcome to Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing (ASI Healing), a site that provides information on a traditional form of manual medicine and other therapeutic healing services that carry forth from Virgil Mayor Apostol’s ancestral lines of indigenous medical practitioners. In North America, Apostol is considered a pioneer in this natural way of healing, and he excudes a great passion for being service-oriented with the philosophy of “helping each individual heal in the least amount of time.”

The services provided are of the highest quality and are backed by various health professionals and clients alike. Each session is based on the indigenous concept of the Sangkabagi, an Ilocano folk belief that literally translates as “one body” or “unity of bodies.” The Sangkabagi refers to spiritual beings who ride on a barangay, a kind of boat that sails in the sky while managing healers and distributing medicine to those who are sick. The Sangkabagi also holds the authority to give the “power to heal” to those whom are believed gifted and are willing to heal (Apostol, 2010, p. 20-21). It is based on this premise that Apostol offers this form of manual medicine to his growing list of satisfied clientele, as well as provide healing workshops to those who wish to expand on their own healing gifts.

Disclaimer: This website is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace the services of a licensed health care provider in the diagnosis or treatment of any bodily dysfunction, illness, or disease, and is to be used at the reader’s sole discretion and risk. Always consult with a professional healthcare provider before following any advice or health information on the ASIH website. A medical examination is recommended prior to beginning any exercises herein. On occasion, emails from around the world are received from individuals seeking advice for their personal health concerns. Applied Sciences of Indigenous Healing is not an online medical consulting service. All individuals are encouraged to consult a licensed health professional in their respective locale.

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